Arc-Flash Visors and Safety Equipment

Arc Flash PPE protects against the thermal, optical and mechanical hazards typically generated by an Arc Flash.

ARC FLASH Electrical Arc Flash hazards are a known danger in the workplace and must be addressed to protect people who may be exposed to this dangerous threat. The potential users of an Arc Shield are not only electrical workers in the industry or electrical utilities, in addition firefighters approaching a powered installation or emergency teams in scenarios where electricity is involved could also use an Arc Shield.

PAULSON‘s Arc Flash Armor Technology is a patented blend of multiple materials including special dyes and energy absorbing particles. These additives are specifically embedded into a Polycarbonate matrix, being injection molded with corrected optics. The additives enable the protection mechanism: they absorb the Arc Flash’s energy layer by layer through a controlled dissociation process making the Arc Shield give up its surface – ablation. A special coating furthermore provides additional arc flash protection properties causing the Arc Shield to be more reactive to the Arc Flash: a protective surface is developed during the incident. This coating also provides a permanent anti-fog treatment and adds abrasion resistant properties which prolongs the life of the Arc Shield and gives extra protection from sun damage not to change color if left outside in the sun. Zero distortion, highest Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) and impact values are itself provided through the use of Polycarbonate as the base material treated with PAULSON‘s unique nanotechnology concept. PAULSON offers numerous arc flash products to satisfy the protection requirements and requirements for the VLT of every work place and situation. The PAULSON Arc Shields meet all relevant standards and norms on the national and international level. With PAULSON‘s arc protective solutions the user is protected by leading edge PPE minimizing the effects of an arc flash incident.