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About Fall Protection

"Work at height" is among the most dangerous in the labor market since the fall may have catastrophic consequences. There is help available through the use of fall protection to ensure or prevent a fall from height.

What is Fall Protection?

The 3 categories

Fall Protection is overall protection against falls from heights, and can be divided into three categories:

1. Prevention of falls

  • Prevents falling by closing of the fall hazard.

  • Described as collective protection, as more people are protected against falling simultaneously.

- Can be edge protection / barriers like fences, etc., scaffolding, Pasma mobile towers etc.

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2. Fixed tethering

  • This is a form of prevention, the difference is that the user is "held back" from reaching an edge instead of being stopped by a barrier.

  • Can be used on roofs, lifts etc.

  • Termed as personal protection, since only one person is protected (per line)

- Can be use of fixed installations, temporary anchorage line, real security line (possibly. Adjustable), rope with rope grab etc.

3. Securing a fall


  • Catch net is a collective version of fall protection.

  • Harnesses, fall lines / lanyards, fall blocks etc. are Personal PPE.

  • To secure the fall, the equipment must always be anchored to an anchor point, this can be eye bolts in walls / ceilings / posts, solid wire, temporary anchor point, approved scaffolding etc.

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Evacuation and hoist

In addition, there and evacuation and hoist intended for immersion and lifting personnel and equipment in the well, silo etc.

May be tripod with evacuation / lifting block, crane, evacuation equipment, etc.

It is the employer's responsibility that during the work there is established proper measures to prevent falls.

For example, setting up scaffolding, fences, using a lift or personal fall arrest equipment.

The personal fall protection equipment must be used for short-term assignments where the work not otherwise can be carried out safely.

Fall Protection Equipment - 5 main parts

Personal protective equipment protects against falls from heights if the person becomes "trapped" in a safe and responsible manner if a fall should occur. Can also be equipment that prevents the person from getting in danger of falling.

What is a personal fall protection system?

A personal fall protection system usually consists of the following 5 parts

1. H-Harness

  • Harness with the support of the entire body (EN 361) used to stop the fall.

  • The harness sends forces from the fall to the (as least) upper thigh, hip, chest and shoulders.

  • Harnesses should also be used where people need to be lowered and raised, for example. in wells, silos, tanks and similar possibly. combined with a bosun or chair.

  • It is important to ensure that the harness is easy to mount and dismount.

  • Support belts should never be used at the risk of a fall

Primary and secondary loops

  • Primary Straps are the straps on a body harness that provides or exerts pressure on the body during and after a fall.

  • The other straps are secondary straps.

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Example of body harness:

  1. Shoulder Strap

  2. Secondary Strap

  3. Seat Strap (primary strap)

  4. Thigh strap

  5. Back support for supporting belt systems

  6. Adjustment Element

  7. Switching point for parachute system

  8. Buckle

  9. Label

The line must be secured to an anchorage point, so the user hangs vertically as a possible. drop. This is done by placing the parachute system at the chest, or back to the user.

A harness has several connection point where the equipment as fall lines fall blocks and straps for work positioning can be connected.

The more points a harness have, the more / varied kinds of work you can use it.

2. Coupling pieces

Refers to everything that connects the user (selenium) with anchor point: Fall lanyards, fixed lines (Possibly. With rope grab) and shock absorbers (EN 354 and EN 355).

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Or a simple link (EN 362) between the belt line and the anchor point, which hooks, O-rings or carabiners.

Clutch pieces must have a minimum strength of 20 kN, and have a "2-point" open system.

To ensure that a system is a "system of protection against falling" There MUST be a energy absorber as a part of the coupling piece, either built-in or optional arming.

  • A fall line with energy absorber must not exceed 2 meters long, and it used by stopping the fall of the function that it should be able to absorb part of the impact energy is such that the slowdown is not too abrupt.

  • It's energy that makes the load down from about 20 kN (2000kg) without arsorber, to the required 6 kN fall.

  • Pay attention to which free airspace required under the user in case of falls.

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3. Automatic capture arrangements (EN 360)

The function of these is to keep the line tight throughout the work.

By the fall the automated capture arrangements immediately blocks the fall, and also acts as energy absorbers.

Available as RFA or roller troop - the line made of steel wire or tape.

Glide Systems (EN 353-1, EN 353-2).

Sliders which can move up and down in a vertical line or shine. At fall the slider is blocked.

The slider can be attached to the belt by means of a strap. This should, where appropriate, be as short as possible.

Note that the slider is restricted to just the lines or rails, it is designed and CE marked with.

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4. Anchor Point

A fixed point in the building or at the site where the anchor coupling attach. Anchor point must be at least able to withstand 12 kN (1200 kg).

  • May be a temporary set anchor point

  • Or a fixed / existing installed

An approved wire or jams can be used to set an anchor point around example. posts etc.:

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5. An Evacuation and Escape system

System which can be activated in order to save the user in the event of a fall.

By falling the body is exposed to tremendous pressure, and most belts (except for a few special belts) will inevitably tighten around vital parts of the body, affecting bloodflow. As a result of this one can already 20 minutes after the fall lose consciousness or life. Therefore, a rescue system and an evacuation plan needs to be a regular part of fall protection use. 

Can be a simple or more advanced rescueing kit which can be used to rescue people or oneself.

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Inspection of fall protection equipment

According to EN 365 must fall protection equipment minimum inspected by an authorized / competent person once a year.

In addition, the equipment that has been exposed to maximum load / are in questionable condition are discarded or sent for inspection.

D-S Safety A / S has its own authorized service center and workshop for servicing / repair of fall protection equipment and has more certified competent persons.

We are certified to service the belts, harnesses, ropes, shock absorbers, hooks and vertical systems from the following manufacturers:


If your product is not mentioned in the above, we will find the necessary person to the service of this.

Good to know when servicing:

User / owner is responsible for filing instructions and journal / service short life of the product, on every product that needs attention.

These documents should be attached to products for inspection, to purchase date, important notes and information can be considered.

Maintenance of your equipment? - See our guide HERE

AT guidance on fall prevention

Fall protection must be used if elevated work not otherwise be planned, organized and carried out safely. A fall arrest system is required when there is a risk that a worker falling from an elevated position, which is above the prescribed height (over 2 m), wherein the fall protection is required.

Use of fall protection equipment is a last resort and is intended for short-term work, usually not more than 4 man hours for the task. Fall protection equipment should only be used where it is not possible to guard against the danger of falling through the use of appropriate technical means, for example. railings, scaffolding or hoist.

Proper fall protection equipment includes harness and line, and distinguishes between three main types:

  • Fall Protection designed to catch people falling.

  • Fall Protection adapted for lowering and lifting people, for example. in wells, silos and similar

  • Fall Protection designed to prevent people in the fall.

Source: AT manual D-5.5, in July 2007 about fall protection

Instruction on fall protection

Fall Protection Equipment Category III products and employer acc. AT instructions required in the situation to provide appropriate fall arrest equipment available, provide maintenance / upkeep and ensure that the user has received instruction in the use of the equipment and the dangers of not using it.

The user should be instructed in a plan for rescue after a fall, including rescue equipment, since that can quickly cause damage to a hanging person.

D-S has a complete and innovative line of products that are manufactured in the EU and thoroughly tested.

Comfort Design braces is the product of research results in which the influence of the body associated with a fall has been in focus. Xcalibre fall blocks are the ultimate answer to security when required advanced technology with a focus on fast locking, low fall load of the body, super low product weight and compact and modern design.

The wide range of products is manufactured to optimize your safety and provide maximum working freedom and comfort.

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