How to choose the right padlock

A padlock is the best solution for a large number of lockout tasks in a workplace. Any place you want to control over unintentional access to e.g. switches, start / stop buttons, adjustment valves, etc.

With so many padlock options available, choosing the right padlock for your job can be confusing. Let us help you find the padlock (s) that suit your needs.

Important considerations:

  • Define the type of padlock that best suits the task.

  • Define the height and diameter of the locking bracket.

  • Select key system (see overview below)

  • Choose color

Padlock housing material

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  • Not electrically conductive: Ideal for electrical applications and cabinets.

  • Easy to carry: Lightweight with ribbed design for easy grip.

  • Keyring Security: The key is only released when closing the lock (Not available on all nylon padlocks).

  • Most common applications: Preferred for most indoor locking needs.

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  • Long-lasting durability: Anodized, corrosion-resistant finish gives longer life.

  • Increased safety: Durable construction for better resistance to fracture testing.

  • Stainless: Resistant to harsh environments such as food, oil and chemicals

  • Versatile use: Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

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  • Heavy-duty: Laminated steel body withstands severe physical impact.

  • Maximum corrosion protection: Individual coated steel plates protect against extreme corrosion / rust.

  • Keyring safety: The key is only released when the lock is closed.

  • Highest durability: High performance in extreme outdoor and harsh environments

Padlock size

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  • Materials available: Nylon, aluminum.

  • Ideal applications: Daily applications, small spaces and switches.

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  • Material availability: Nylon, aluminum, steel.

  • Ideal applications: Suitable for many different devices - electric, valve and cable.

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Long body

  • Material availability: Nylon only.

  • Ideal applications: Padlocks where you want to show additional information and language on the sticker.

Locking bracket material

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Steel shackle

  • Vertical free height options: 20, 38, 50, 76 mm

  • Accessibility for padlock housing material: Nylon, aluminum, steel.

  • Ideal applications: Generally used for extra durability for harsh environments.

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Plastic shackle

  • Vertical free height options: 25, 38 mm.

  • Accessibility for padlock housing material: Only nylon

  • Ideal applications: Not electrically conductive, so recommended for work on electrical circuits / panels.

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Cable shackle

  • Vertical free height options: 106, 68, 203, 20 mm.

  • Accessibility for padlock housing material: Only nylon.

  • Ideal applications: Versatile, multifunctional solution can be angled and twisted to fit in hard-to-reach areas.

Padlock colors

All padlocks are available in a wide range of colors. For easier identification and coordination of lockout planning.

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Padlock type

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SafeKey Lockout padlocks

  • 700% more unique key combinations than a standard security padlock. Over 100,000 key codes.

  • Advanced Key Security: Patent-pending lock mechanism includes six precision tumbler precision tongs.

  • More unique key options: Ideal for large organizations that spend hundreds to thousands of locks.

  • Easy operation: Extra smooth insertion and removal of the key - even when using gloves!

  • Long lasting durability: Linear, low friction locking mechanism helps maintain key integrity.

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Traditional padlocks

  • Classic Padlock Design: Traditionally thanks to key design and pin tumbler locking mechanism.

  • Fewer key combinations: Ideal for small workgroups and facilities with fewer energy isolation points. Up to 15,000 key codes.

  • Multi-Purpose Solution: Flexible cable locks available for small spaces and simultaneous locking points.

  • More material options: Available in non-conductive nylon, aluminum and laminated steel lock housings.

Overview of key systems

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Keyed differently (KD)

Each lock opens with its own unique key. Perfect for simple lockout applications and a manageable number of energy isolation points.

By default, when ordering, KD padlocks are always delivered, unless otherwise requested.

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Keyed Alike (KA)

Each lock in the group can be opened with the same key.

Easily finding the right key reduces the number of keys to be transported.

Ideal for people or managers who are responsible for multiple machines or insulation points.

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Master Keyed (MK)

Each grouping of locks (whether they are KD or KA) can be opened with a master key.

Useful for larger, complex systems when overall access may be required

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Grand Master Keyed (GMK)

The large master key can open all locks grouped into two or more master keys systems.

Useful for larger, complex systems where monitoring or management access is needed for all locks in the system.

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Laser Engraving - Customize your padlocks

If the locks in your security system are assigned a single employee, you may want to print the person's name on the lock. In this way, the locks are not mixed between workers and a clear distinction can be made. You can also write the function of certain locks on the body or number them if necessary.

We offer any kind of engraving on locks for you so you receive them just as you want them. If you need more information, just ask us about the different options.