Powered & Supplied Air Respirators

Supplied air systems consists of three units. Read about putting together your own.

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All about Powered and supplied Air Respiratory equipment

About powered air systems

The main prerequisite for choosing the right type of respiratory protection is that you know what kind of inhalation hazard can be protected against. The danger may be oxygen or contaminants in the air. The danger may be oxygen or contaminants in the air.

Here, consider first whether you can be protected with filtering respirators or you need pressure breathing apparatus.

Supplied Respiratory Equipment shall be used when:

  • There is lack of oxygen (below 17%)

  • A proper filter is not available

  • At higher concentrations of pollution

Looking for filtering respirators or turbo equipment, see the article for respirators

A supplied air system consists of:

  • Compressor

  • Expansion tank

  • Distribution system (wiring)

  • A number of filters

  • Filter Panel (respiratory station)

  • Belt with valve

  • Face mask

When selecting a compressed air system you should also consider the following:

  • Do you need to use air from an air bank or a compressor?

  • How should the user know if the pressure suddenly falls?

  • Is there a need for additional separate and alternative air supply?

  • How should the user connect to the fresh air supply?

Step 1. Select supply unit (regulator)

Filter panel

The filter panel is the necessary filter unit which cleans the air compressor, so it becomes breathable air in the user's breathing apparatus.

Filter panel consists of:

  • A gauge with adjustable pressure reducing valve

  • Interchangeable filters against particles, aerosols from water and oil as well as oil odor.

  • Automatic water separator

Selecting the filter panel depends on the desire for the filter panel to be portable or permanently mounted, capacity and number of outlets for users.

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Air Regulator

The air regulator (Air Kit) is the air supply unit carried by the person from the face portion down to the belt, wherein the continuous valve is arranged. Constant valve can finely regulate the air supply to the face portion so you do not get pushed high pressure air in the lungs. It has built carbon cartridge filled as an added protection against oil odor.

In the case of decreasing the pressure (flow) to the face parts an alarm whistle sounds.

Constant valve is completed with a safety snap clutch, so you can easily connect and disconnect the air hose.

3M's Versaflo devices provide further opportunity to cool or heat the air up to 28 degrees compared to the Surroundings.

Air hose

The air hose connects air kit's constant valve with breathing air from the filter panel. The air hose included in the overall approval of the respirator.

The air hose can be delivered in open or closed hose reel and for wall mounting.

Selection of the tube depends on the desire for flexibility, antistatic properties and high temperature, as well as the length and thickness of the tubing.

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Step 2. Selecting a head top (hood)

Choose Facepiece in relation to:

  • The work situation

  • Comfort, as well as vision and freedom of movement.

  • Requirements for protection.

  • Single-use / reusable.

  1. One should always make sure that the main body or the mask complies with the safety requirements that exist in the work concerned. Whether it is working with, for example. abrasion, chemicals or welding.

    Eg. one can consider stitches where the glass is scratch and cut resistant to eg grinding and cutting work. And requirements for DIN-degree welding helmets.

  2. Then arguable considerations of comfort and durability of the mask.

    Eg. will easily dust masks weigh less and be more comfortable over a working day in contrast to masks in harder material, which however are hardier and have a longer shelf life.

  3. In addition, the mesh sizes of the visual field thus affects the user's view, the dangers, warnings, etc.

    Some compressed air masks are also approved for protection against falling objects for use in situations where there is a risk of just that.

    In certain industries, especially when working with chemicals found demand for one-time use of masks as such. acids can damage the mask, thereby making that this does not protect the user.

    All masks and face shields is provided with a relief valve so that excess air is released out of the mask, thereby not dry mucous membranes.

Remember - Signage for respirators

Remember also that the employer shall ensure that work areas where supplied air breathing apparatus should be used, marked with signage.

The signs are blue with white symbols and can be provided with a supplementary sign indicating the type of respirator.

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