How to use visor as protection against corona

Read here about when you should use a visor as a protective agent

There is no doubt that the worldwide pandemic coronavirus has once again taken hold in Denmark. The last few days have seen a sharp increase in infection. The daily update from the Statens Serum institut shows on Tuesday that 418 new cases of infection with corona have been registered in Denmark in the last 24 hours. The number of inpatients has increased by eight people in the last 24 hours, three of them on a respirator.

The negative development has led the government to introduce new restrictions to combat the infection. The new measures include that all the country's bars, cafes and restaurants will in future close at 10 pm. It will also be mandatory to wear a face mask or visor when not sitting down at the restaurants. In addition, there is a requirement to wear a mouthpiece or visor in public transport in Denmark. Mouthpieces have long been known as one of the popular product choices in protective equipment when one wants to limit infection, where the visor is more of an undescribed blade for many.
Below you can read a little about the visor and when to use it as a protective agent.


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A visor is a screen that is typically made of plastic. It covers the face and is therefore used as a barrier against virus particles.

A visor does not close tightly around the face, and thus has the advantage that you can breathe effortlessly. A visor also makes it possible to see the entire face of the person wearing it. In situations where this is important, visors are preferable to bandages.

What are the benefits of using a visor

  • Vad är fördelene ved brug av visir Visir och låt på och kan justeras för optimal passningsform

  • Visir kan vara en fördel med kommunikation med personer som är høre-eller synshæmmede, där behovet för mundaflæsning, da munden är synlig och et visir inte i samma grad dæmper lyden som et mundbind kan göra.


  • Personer med lidelser som, fx allergi eller andre tilstande som gör, at et mundbind inte kan slutte close om ansigtet, vil med fordele kunde använda visir som et alternativ till mundbind

  • Et visir kan modsat engangsmundbind allmänt används en hel dag, och några typer kan endvidere vaskes och genbruges.

  • Jag en rad jobb som frisører och sundhedshjælpere, där nära kontakt till kunderna behövs. Kan personal evt. anvende et ansigtsdækkende visir.

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Worth knowing
The National Board of Health recommends the following advice when using a visor 

  • A visor is recommended as an alternative to bandages in special situations and can also be used as a supplement to bandages.

  • If a visor is used, it is important to be aware of. that degree of protection is reduced as it does not close tightly around the face and quality may therefore vary.

  • When using a visor, it is important that we adhere to measures for distance and hand hygiene

  • Use a face mask or visor where face to face over 15 minutes can not be avoided.

  • The Danish Health and Medicines Authority recommends face visors that are CE approved and produced according to industry standards, which ensure the desired effect and functionality. 

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