The new improved Premium Firemans hood

Most approvals and awards in the market - the VARMEX® Fire Jersey fire cap

The ultimate fire cap

With our more than 70 years of experience developing and designing innovative solutions for better protection of employees all over the country, we have now reached a new milestone in the field of fire fighting.

The new 29V420-870 firefighter's hood, also known as the VARMEX® Premium Fire Jersey smoke diver cap, is a unique fire cap with the most EN approvals and well-marked test results.

Below you can read more about the cap's unique features and approvals.

The fire cap with most EU approvals

Neck, ears and head are among the most vulnerable areas during firefighting - and should be top priority when it comes to your choice of protection.

While a premium fire cap should be a fixed part of the equipment package when combating the flames, it is far from always certain that the most widely used fire caps on the market can provide the necessary protection.

But with the VARMEX® Fire Jersey Premium smoke diver cap you have a safe and versatile choice.

We have made sure to test the hood against some of the toughest requirements and test methods to make sure you feel best protected in the fight against the flames.

Meets all the standards that you need as a firefighter, including EN 13911: 2017, and also approvals within welding.

VARMEX Fire Jersey Premium fire hood apporvals

VARMEX Fire Jersey Premium fire hood

Durable and reusable fire hood

The cap has undergone countless hardy tests that demonstrate excellent heat protection against both glow, sparks, molten metal and heat influences.

The environmentally friendly fabric is easy to maintain and allows ordinary machine washing at 40 ° C.

The fire cap is also specifically tested according to eg. EN ISO 6330: 2012 and EN ISO 5077: 2007, which involves testing the cap after repeated machine washings. Here, the smoke dive cap stands out with top marks and retains the high level of heat protection even after many washes. A property that is unseen on the market!

Tested so you can feel protected again and again.

VARMEX Fire Jersey Premium fire hood
VARMEX Fire Jersey Premium fire hood

Breathability and comfort in a fire cap

Designed in VARMEX® FIRE Jersey, which is a lightweight and flexible material, consisting of burnt fibers combined with, among other things. heat-treated wool. This provides a very durable and heat-protective but at the same time soft and flexible material, which is suitable as under and intermediate clothing in work situations with extreme heat degrees.

Designed with sewn-in elastic at the face and sewn with flatlock seams, to avoid annoying seams. Flexible and versatile protection for both shoulders, chest, head, neck and neck.

The VARMEX® material is both antistatic, lightweight, comfortable and environmentally friendly as it is manufactured without the use of coatings or similar flame retardant chemicals, most often seen in other fire and smoke diving caps.

10% lighter weight than competing fire caps!

Approved use with smoke diving masks

The smoke dive hood has been tested and approved for use with a wide range of smoke diving masks, so you are guaranteed a tested and approved combination of smoke diving equipment.

Approved with eg.:

  • Dräger FPS 7000 Smoke diver mask

  • Dräger Panorama Nova Normal Pressure Mask Smoke diver mask

  • MSA 3S Normal Pressure Mask Smoke Diver Mask

  • Interspiro Spiromatic smoke diving mask

  • MSA G1 Smoke diver mask

  • MSA Ultra Elite A37 Normal Pressure Mask Smoke Diver Mask

Dräger gasmask

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