Wuhan Coronavirus from China: How to protect yourself

It is still unknown how widespread the new airborne virus will spread. But so far, hundreds have already been infected and more deaths.

You've probably already heard about the newly discovered outbreak of a new Coronavirus in the family of the infamous 2003 SARS virus.

The outbreak is believed to have originated in Wuhan China, but the increasing number of travelers is causing concern by many national authorities and WHO.

The Chinene authorities confirm that the relatively new coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person, and China indicates that the virus can spread faster than first thought.

There are several groups of coronaviruses, most of which are harmless and a common cause of colds and respiratory infections.

At the time of writing (21 / 1-2020), it has been confirmed that a total of six people have lost their lives due to the virus which causes some form of pneumonia.

While almost 300 people have been infected and several are believed to be infected but not yet diagnosed. In addition, cases have been registered in Thailand, Japan and South Korea as well as China.

In Denmark there are no known cases yet, but just as with our experience in preventing accidents at work, one case is once too much.

Therefore, we have gathered some recommended protective measures, which, according to the current knowledge of the virus, will protect effectively against infection.

Protection against the Wuhan Corona virus

As seen in various press photos, Chinese authorities have taken all measures to minimize the spread of the virus. As the pictures show, both respirators and suits are highly recommended. (Photo: GETTY IMAGES)

The virus is airborne, which is why respiratory protection in the form of particulate masks is recommended.

Filter masks for virus protection

Suits for protection against viruses

As well as careful hygiene (washing hands, disinfecting etc.)

Below you can see more options for protection against viruses

Wuhan virus