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Knowledge and buying guides

about all in PPE and work environment solutions

About D-S Academy

A unique knowledge portal

Academy is developed by experienced staff, specialists and professionals.

Our Academy is intended to be the simple and easily accessible knowledge portal that informs, educates and helps you in the proper selection of personal protective equipment.

Through experience with D-S Safety equipment, we know how knowledge and proper protection are closely related.

Therefore, we boiled and filtered all our experience and knowledge down on a simple and easily palatable way digital online, always available here on D-S Academy.

Knowledge Center

Large collection of professional's experience and knowledge of PPE.

Buying Guides

User-friendly guides in the selection of appropriate safety equipment according to your needs.

Always online free

Open to the public on all platforms online - 7 days a week - for free!

Knowledge Center

Knowledge and learning of safety equipment

Here we have taken all of our knowledge about the safety and combined into one easily accessible center.

Our knowledge consists of the total knowledge of the protective equipment. Everything from the rules, legislations and markings for certificates breakthrough times and materials.

Here you will learn about safety.

D-S Academy covers virtually all aspects of safety and health for jobs.

Under each topic you can for example find advice, knowledge and instructions and reports on health and safety at work. By clicking on one of the knowledge areas you can keep up to date in everything from fall protection for knowledge about hand protection, chemicals and Statutory requirements for occupational safety.

Our knowledge span a broad range working solutions, and we strive to make the website content relevant to you.

Buying Guides

Guides for choosing the proper products

Here we advise you in choosing the right product in only 3 simple steps. From the considerations for selecting the product - we guide you all the way.

Built on experience and requests from customers help ensure a user-friendly help in choosing the right safety equipment.

Choosing proper protective gear can be difficult. There are many factors that come into play:

  • The situation and the surroundings

  • the way the work is done

  • whether the work includes exposure to chemicals

  • whether you can fall or slide.

The consequences of choosing and using the wrong equipment can be disastrous. Some short-term (fall from a roof) other long-term (misuse of chemical glove causing allergies or worse.)

Use our buying guides to personal protective equipment here and choose correctly the first time.


Productguides in the form of videoes

Our video guides are explanatory and guides and educates in everything from the use of D-S Academy for proper donning of safety and maintenance of this.

All video guides available on our YouTube channel and can be seen by anyone at anytime.

D-S Dictionary

The dictionary has advanced the building of our already successful integrated dictionary on D-S Safety. As already packed with definitions of troublesome words and terms.

Throughout your movements on the D-S pages, words show up with definitions that help you understand and provide additional knowledge.


Because we believe in security through knowledge, we offer not only all our expertise on D-S Academy FREE and freely available, but picks it the easy way - just to download and use at work.

D-S Academy can help your business

E-learning increases the safety culture

Make professional knowledge a part of your business

We are confident that the company is strengthening its work when all employees share attitudes and values, but also have the same knowledge about safety and the importance of its use. And here is the right E-Learning solution a proven effective way.

We provide E-Learning in occupational safety to a wide spectrum of industries and our foundation is a major commitment to research and proven results from practice.

An E-Learning solution can help your company:

  • to secure a systematical learing and skills development for the employees

  • to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the working environment.

  • optimizing processes, avoiding accidents and thus reduce costs.

What is e-learning?

Give your employees the opportunity to participate in E-Learning courses and training at their own pace at any time of day.

Are employees trained in the use of protection products, the E-Learning effective way to a high level of competence.

"E-Learning – Improve safety at work regardless of time and place"

E-learning is a powerful education tool and we have chosen to use this method in many of our programs with our customers. E-Learning can both stand alone or be used in conjunction with other learning methods, also called Blended Learning (B-learning).

Rapid Learning

Our time is often scarce. The market for security is constantly evolving, EU Norms come and WEA change their paragraphs. Therefore it is important to be able to acquire new knowledge quickly and efficiently. Rapid E-Learning is based on the main issues where content is presented and repeated. Thus, learning foreseeable, and the contents will be easier to remember.

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Our experience is your safety

Our strength is firstly our overall experience through 60 years in the business accumulated by product specialists and trained staff in personal protection, and secondly, our solid customer references.

"Can be used by young and elder"

Our E-Learning system can be used for both small and large companies / institutions and have proven to be effective and of great benefit. It is seen in the spectrum of end customers that use our portal.

Our E-Learning can help you to a new level of competence, and on both a simple and effective way to reduce or even eliminate worries about the choice and use of protection products.

"By properly training of users in safety it provides not only better machines, but also cost savings ..."

Simple E-Learning

We believe in the simple and therefore we have built our system as simple as possible. You can use the system to conduct electronic courses for staff and thus teach a group of people, or you can work individually.

The technical

All courses are developed in HTML5 and / or Flash which allows the courses can be run on different devices and systems. For example, PC, tablet or smartphone and via different browsers and operating systems - including Apple's iOS devices.

Choose D-S Academy

E-Learning courses from D-S Safety is creative and effective. We use all of the features that make E-Learning exciting and engaging. It can be narration, animations, drawings, films, games, etc. We have experienced and skilled specialists in all areas to perform innovative solutions to our courses.

1000+ companies are already learning with Academy

Get started and make your business more safe