Blue Skinnex®

A world of product quality

Blue Skinnex® is a portfolio of carefully selected products in the field of safety equipment and working environment that are distinguished by a very high quality.

"Your ex is not a Blue Skinnex®" - for the goal of the attractive price and high quality is that Blue Skinnex can be your preferred choice in safety clothing.

With Blue Skinnex, correct approvals and well-documented documentation are not just a requirement, but a matter of course.

Of course, our own production of Blue Skinnex products in Denmark takes place under the best conditions, and we attach great importance to ensuring that the quality and conditions of external factories comply with all rules in connection with the UN Global Compact.

Blue Skinnex gloves

Blue Skinnex® heat-resistant gloves

The unique Blue Skinnex slit provides a superb wear resistance and makes the heat-resistant gloves particularly suitable for use where high wear and high heat degrees can be expected.

Several models are designed in specially greased and specially heat treated skins and slits that can withstand temperatures up to 450 ° C before shrinkage. Suitable for tasks that require movement at the same time as heat protection, for example. foundry work and handling of hot and sharp items.

Blue Skinnex® own production

With over 70 years of experience with your own Danish production of quality products, you are ensured a stable and high quality when choosing Blue Skinnex products.

Need something custom?

Our constantly active system produces a wide range of Blue Skinnex products, but is also always ready for a challenge within specially adapted solutions.

We have experience with everything from covering forklifts to upholstery of seats and much more.

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