BEA112 Fire extinguishing ball

Safe firefighting at a distance, for any situation
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Automatic fire extinguisher

Prevent fires from starting when no people are present eg. after closing hours.

Automatic triggering when in contact with a flame, giving 24 hours of protection and fire prevention.

Instant activation without special handling or removing a pin, saving precious seconds in fighting fire.

The ball can be thrown or rolled into the fire from a safe distance. When the ball hits the fire, it activates and extinguishes the fire. Suitable for extinguishing narrow spaces as otherwise dangerous to approach with traditional powder extinguishers or similar fire extinguishers.

Better fire extinguishing in every way

  • No instruction or guidance required before commissioning

  • Requires no inspection or maintenance

  • Cost-saving fire extinguisher

  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • Automatic fire extinguishing on site

  • Remote fire extinguishing option by throwing the fire extinguisher into the fire.

Approved for:

Class A - Fires with solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles.

Class B - Fires involving flammable liquids such as gasoline, diesel or oils.

Class C - fires involving gases.

Electric fires Class F - fires involving cooking oil, such as in deep fryers.

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Weighs 84% less than other fire extinguishers!

The unique JE50 fire extinguisher is ultra light and weighs only 500 grams unlike ordinary fire extinguishers in several kg.

The light weight makes it unique and portable, ready to take with you everywhere

Extremely small

It's not just the weight that is light and small size also makes it easy to keep handy.

With a diameter of only 53 mm and a length of 242 mm, the size of a bottle tap water.

Which makes it easy to transport and use in emergency situations where you can hardly run with a large plain foam extinguisher weighing several kg.

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Without pressure = no cost

The fire extinguisher is not pressurized and therefore do not require annual service so you save on the cost of maintenance

Without chemicals = Environmentally friendly and harmless

The contents of the fire extinguisher leaves no toxic or corrosive chemicals, and is therefore detrimental to either the environment, electronics or people

Lightweight and compact

Unmatched low weight. Right down to 500 grams corresponding to just a spring water.

Revolutionary fire extinguishers

The new series of lightweight portable fire extinguishers are breaking new ground by being as effective as the general fire extinguishers but at a fraction of the size, weight and price! At the same time environmentally friendly and completely free from hazardous chemicals.

Fire extinguishers are easy to carry around and easy to operate. There is no pressure in the containers and they require no annual inspection or maintenance.

As the perfect replacement for traditional fire extinguishers the range is suitable for everything from households and shopping centers to office space, cars M. M

The technology is based on nano technology which closes harmless gas out with nano particles off the fire engine.

Without the use of foam, CO2 or water fire extinguisher is here not toxic to people, animals, the environment or electronics.

Advantages compared

Fire ExtinguishersPowder extinguishersCO2 fire extinguishersWater and foam-based fire extinguishersJE-50
Weight3 kg3 kg3 kg500 g
Toxic / dangerousYesYesYesNo
PressurePressurizedPressurizedPressurizedNot pressurized
MaintenanceMust be pressure testedMust be pressure testedMust be pressure testedNo need for pressure testing and no maintenance for 5 years
Fire extinguishing capacity2 kg / 21b2 kg / 21b2 L / 21b8B / 13B
CommentThe powder is corrosive to the skin. Is also difficult to clean after and can create inflammation in the discharge of woundsThe discharging temperature is very low and can cause harm to people. Can also be dangerous suffocating enclosed spaces for oxygenCan create liquid fire by fire extinguishing oil. Injuries also electronic devicesEasy to operate, not toxic or harmful to humans, the environment or electronic devices

Application areas

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Flammable liquids

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Flammable gases

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Electrical fires

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Kitchen fires

Fire extinguisher on the go

The compact size makes the fire extinguisher perfect for service cars, trucks, delivery men or to your own car at home.

Small and light enough to fit in your glove compartment in the door, behind the seat, etc.

The perfect safety on the go without having to have a big clumsy fire extinguisher to fill half of the trunk.

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Fire extinguisher in the home

Low weight makes it easy to operate and handle with just one hand. So if things go wrong in the kitchen or garage then this is the quickest and easiest way to extinguish the fire.

With the included wall mount and the smart design is where a fire extinguisher that you can hang up in the kitchen without the stand in the way.

So lightweight that you can throw it

With shutter release button and the light weight, you can start the fire extinguisher and throwing it into a closed room with a fire extinguisher which will empty itself until the fire is out.

Especially effective in car fires or smaller fires in confined spaces and rooms where the input of ordinary fire extinguisher is too dangerous.

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With muzzle cap for extinguishing an engine fire

As accessories can be purchased the smart orifice hood which can easily be mounted on the end of the fire extinguisher.

Muzzle cap makes it easy to extinguish a fire under the hood without opening it. If you open the bonnet adding to the oxygen and therefore more fire can live on. Therefore, the muzzle cap is perfect for turning off, for example. engine fires, but fires in smaller booths, boxes, etc.

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Performance: 8B
Extinguishing agent quantity: 50 g
Total weight: 500 g

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Performance: 13B
Extinguishing agent quantity: 100 g
Total weight: 800 g

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Performance: 21B
Extinguishing agent quantity: 150 g
Total weight: 1690 g

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Performance: 34B
Extinguishing agent quantity: 300 g
Total Weight: 2250 g


The discharging distance3m3m3m3m
The discharging time≥8s
Length242 mm235 mm236 mm236 mm
Diameter53 mm80 mm120 mm136 mm
Mass of fire extinguishing agent50 g100 g150 g300 g
Weight480g ± 20g800g ± 20 g1690g ± 20g2250g ± 20g
Operating temperature-20°C ~ 60°C
-20°C ~ 60°C-20°C ~ 60°C-20°C ~ 60°C
Service5 years5 years5 years5 years

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