About D-S Safety A/S

"From top to toe – Outer to inner.”

D-S Safety Equipment A / S is the complete supplier of security products (protective equipment) and we manufacture and market personal protective equipment in all categories directly to the industry without expensive intermediaries, and have been doing this for more than 65 years.

We serve the entire Danish market with our consulting security consultants who have extensive experience and a broad knowledge of personal protective equipment. At the same time, the Swedish market is covered by the subsidiary EuroquiPPE AB, located in Ängelholm.

Since then, the goal has been to ensure your optimal protection from top to toe - to the very top. Today, we cover widely, whether it's personal protective equipment (safety equipment), work clothes, well equipment, fall protection, gas detectors, safety shoes, respirators, signs or shutdowns as well as first aid and disinfection and much more - so we have what it takes to solve the task.

Vision, mission, values

Here at D-S Safety people often wonder what the "D-S" stands for and we are often associated with terms like Danish quality, Danish Safety and danish standard.

The real meaning behind our company name is actually the historical first name we started with: "Dræberg Specialfabrik".

Today our vision is your safety which we describe further below.

Our vision

"D-S Safety A / S will continue to create the most sustainable and innovative solutions to a better, safer, healthier life for people."

Our mission

"We guide for the better protection of human health and values, as well as provide all necessary information on the use of equipment that is required by the authorities and the market. We do this by being standard setting of professionalism, level of service, knowledge, quality, development and production."

Our values

"In many situations lives depends on our work, expertise, knowledge and guidance - that's why we appreciate the following values to be the standard-setting unit in our industry"

  • Everybody in D-S is accountable for the services we provide the customer

  • We will not compromise on bad solutions, poor quality and lack of service

  • Whatever situation we deliver sustainable solutions that cater to a better environment and human health and nature

  • Professionalism, knowledge and care is the key to quality. This we enforce at all levels

  • No compromises when it comes to quality. We use only the best suppliers, the best equipment in production, the best products and tools

  • We are enterprising and invites the customer to develop their solutions with us

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Own danish production

The company's founder, H. Dræberg, was shocked at the time when there was no good protection for the hands of industry. Since then, the company is still in the family and new generations have meant innovation and innovation.

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge in our industry is essential. Therefore, D-S security equipment has its own unique data guide, where all data about our security equipment is collected. This way you can easily and conveniently find what you are looking for.


We know protection requires both knowledge and cooperation. That is why we invite you to participate in the development of innovative and tailor made solutions. Only through this can we create a safer future.

Delivery speed

With our large Danish warehouse, we guarantee to service you with day-to-day deliveries across industries, both for public and municipal as well as private. We naturally help with the selection and testing of approved Personal Protective Equipment.


The D-S and VARMEX sites are updated regularly, where you can view our products and order items online. Here you will find information about handling chemicals, European Normer, etc. In addition, we support electronic invoicing and are connected to Gatetrade, IBX, Rakat, SKI and OIO.


At D-S we have always been aware of the environment, both protection against and from it. Therefore, all of our products are of course produced with a green mindset and comply with Danish regulations.


- a unique solution

At D-S we produce the fire-retardant VARMEX®, which is internationally recognized and meets a wide range of European standards (EN), Boeing and Airbus standards. VARMEX® is used in a wide range of applications where you want to protect people and expensive equipment against fire, heat, glow, cold and water.

Read more about VARMEX® here.


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