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Let go of the worry about your safety equipment and PPE are in good condition.

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Service on site

We can even offer you fast and immediate service to your equipment on site.

D-S Service can now offer services and e-learning which ensures the correct knowledge and that your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) performs optimally. Select an option from here on this page.

  • With access to E-Learning you can find and learn all about choice and correct use of safety equipment

  • Tailor your own service for inspection and maintenance of your PPE equipment

  • Automatic call to service (Newly purchased products are continuously recorded in the agreement)

  • Inspections performed by certified technicians with comprehensive training from the manufacturers

  • Certificates for each service issued documentation to the authorities

  • Service on site (depending on the equipment and appointment)

Inspection off PPE

Much of the rest of the safety equipment (not raised further up), for example. consumer goods like shoes, gloves and glasses do not require some kind of service, but there are certain types of products that require service.

Example: Eye wash stations to be replenished and checked for expiration date. Remember that there should be plenty of water available, if there is a risk of contact with acids and bases.

"We can help with setting up plans for protective equipment and instructions for use of security so that all employees can easily and quickly be informed about the correct choice of safety equipment for the job and handling."

This makes safety easy and manageable, and it underlines that part of the undertaking is considered the best security for employees.

Service Tasks:

  • Service of certified person

  • Submission in the database

When the equipment is approved, drafted and signed control card and finally felt the item with the date of the next inspection. You can follow all of your equipment in our digital service portal. 

Although it is necessary to use and wear the right protective gear is not enough for safety. Regular maintenance ensures that the equipment is functioning optimally, but this can be inconvenient, time-consuming and cumbersome to manage. A service agreement with D-S Safety A / S you can safely leave the inspection, service and repair to us. 

Own workshop and service center

We have our own service center and workshop, where we have trained and certified technicians can perform inspections, maintenance and repair of such. gas detectors, fall protection equipment and respirators and more.

Service agreement as required

If a service agreement, either Total Service on all equipment or an agreement on individual products, so we are responsible for detecting when the equipment to be serviced, and we perform the necessary service so that the equipment is ready for use again. Depending on the equipment and service agreement will be either called in to our service center, or we come out on the spot.

After service will receive certificates for each product so you always have control of the documentation to the authorities.

And do not worry - We have a digital tool that you can access, so you can easily retrieve your documents.

Service throughout Denmark

With our 10 consultants running in Denmark and own technicians, we can respond quickly and serve all of Denmark.

Easy documentation

With our own developed digital tools we can easily and conveniently manage paper path for you, and can also give you access so that you have all the necessary documentation you may wish on your equipment. This facilitates and also helps your ISO 9001 quality system. We make sure that you:

  • Receive automatic notification when it's time for service or overhaul

  • You can keep track of what equipment you are required by law to be inspected and regularly maintained.

  • You have access to all documentation.

  • You can see when we will convene next time.

  • And many more features.

Get one comprehensive service on all products and we take responsibility for continuous inspection and maintenance acc. Local regulations.

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Contact our Service Department at tel. +45 55 44 66 44 if you want to know more about Total Service and our service.

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Inspection of Fall Protection Equipment

D-S Safety A / S already provides personal fall protection equipment and set up permanent fall arrest systems (fixed installation / roofproofing) that ensure people in height from falling.

Fall protection equipment must be as described in EN 365, minimum undergo annual inspections by a qualified or competent person. In addition, all equipment that has been exposed to the maximum load or are in questionable condition, either discarded or inspected, as it can not provide proper security.

Service Tasks:

Our technicians can inspect and test all kinds of fall protection, for example. belts, support belts, straps, lifelines and slide wires and 3-pin, drop tackle portal hoist and permanent systems.

  • Periodic inspection by competent person

  • Free pickup and delivery of equipment

  • Submission in the database

When the equipment is approved, drafted and signed control card and finally felt the item with the date of the next inspection. You can follow all of your equipment in our digital service portal.

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Inspection of Gas Detectors

It is important that services its gas detectors properly, as it can have fatal consequences if you go into dangerous areas, and the detector does not measure properly. D-S Safety Equipment A / S supplies both portable gas detectors and fixed gas detection systems.

Let us serve and keep track of when it should be taken care of!

D-S Safety A / S already provides gas detectors and setup of fixed gas detectors.

Gas detectors must undergo an annual inspection by an authorized service center.

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Service Tasks:

  • Full or half-yearly inspection

  • Calibration with test gas

  • Repair and replacement of sensors

  • Submission in the database

Note that guarantees for sensors, rechargeable batteries, housings and electronics only applies if the gas detector undergoes an annual maintenance check at the supplier or an authorized person in accordance with instructions.

When the device is approved, drafted and signed control card and finally felt the item with the date of the next inspection. You can follow all of your equipment in our digital service portal.