VARMEX svejsebeklædning

VARMEX® 2000

“Technical solutions for extreme environments”

VARMEX® is a fire-retardant technical textile that protects against metal drops, fire, embers, sparks and radiant heat. The ideal protection of people, machines, products and expensive equipment.

  • VARMEX® is synonymous with burnt fibers and available in different variations which you can find on this site.
  • Designed to provide optimal protection for various work situations.
  • Meets a wide range of European Norms as well as Boeing and Airbus standards.
  • The same fibers later used for developing composite plastic, used in Formula 1 racing cars, space shuttles and skis.

Nonflammable fabrics

Products that insulates and protects against metal drops, fire, embers, sparks and radiant heat.


Is comfortable to work with, since the material is soft and flexible as well as antistatic and breathable.


Made to easen thework load by being a lightweight product. We have products going down to 200g/m2.


No additives or coatings. Coming from natural materials and therefore perish in the nature without leaving traces.


We are committed to providing customers with the best protection for the hazards they face, and test our materials to verify that every product meets our performance standards.

Quality Program

Our non-flammable fibers undergo strict and rigorous testing ensuring that only those fulfilling our compositional requirement are sourced and utilized in the construction of our yarns.


The Yarn is then spun in a customized and highly specialized environment only to be subjected to additional testing to qualify and verify its quality prior to conversion.


Each lot of fabric is tested against a final set of criteria in an onsite facility to verify consistency in construction and performance prior to shipment.

Every day, professionals and enthusiasts who work and play in some of the world's most hazardous environments rely on VARMEX® flame-resistant clothes.


VARMEX® Flame resistant clothing and fabric buys crucial time for individuals around fire and direct flame hazards and can mean the difference between life and death.

Molten Metal

With the ability to shed most molten metals, and not melt, ignite or burn, VARMEX® fabrics are the safer protective solution fit to stand up to the risk of molten metal.

Arc Flash

VARMEX® non-flammable fabrics are used in arc flash clothes because it provides the wearer with protection against arc flash hazards - even effects of electrical arcing.

The VARMEX® Product Family

Our VARMEX® textiles are suitable for a wide range of work tasks with their unique features. Therefore, we have developed and designed several product families.


Will VARMEX® 2000 burn or ignite?

No. VARMEX® is able to withstand the direct flame of a 2000° C blow torch without igniting, burning or melting.


Is VARMEX® comfortable?

Yes. VARMEX® non-flammable fabrics offer wearers the highest level of persistent protection against fire, molten metal and arc flash, while providing breathability as well. In addition, VARMEX® is incredibly soft to the touch and lightweight, wearing much like cotton.


Is VARMEX® available in any colors other than black?

VARMEX® knits are only available in black. VARMEX® wovens (VARMEX® Jersey) are only available in blue.


How do I wash my VARMEX® garments?

Always wash VARMEX® garments in warm or cold water on the gentle cycle with a small amount of mild detergent,

Afterwards hang dry VARMEX® garments. You can also machine dry them on low heat as well

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