Vision, mission, values

Here at D-S Safety people often wonder what the "D-S" stands for and we are often associated with terms like Danish quality, Danish Safety and danish standard.

The real meaning behind our company name is actually the historical first name we started with: "Dræberg Specialfabrik".

Today our vision is your safety which we describe further below.

Our vision

"D-S Safety A / S will continue to create the most sustainable and innovative solutions to a better, safer, healthier life for people."

Our mission

"We guide for the better protection of human health and values, as well as provide all necessary information on the use of equipment that is required by the authorities and the market. We do this by being standard setting of professionalism, level of service, knowledge, quality, development and production."

Our values

"In many situations lives depends on our work, expertise, knowledge and guidance - that's why we appreciate the following values to be the standard-setting unit in our industry"

  • Everybody in D-S is accountable for the services we provide the customer

  • We will not compromise on bad solutions, poor quality and lack of service

  • Whatever situation we deliver sustainable solutions that cater to a better environment and human health and nature

  • Professionalism, knowledge and care is the key to quality. This we enforce at all levels

  • No compromises when it comes to quality. We use only the best suppliers, the best equipment in production, the best products and tools

  • We are enterprising and invites the customer to develop their solutions with us

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