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D-S Safety Equipment A / S specializes in consulting and sales of special tailor-made solutions either for thermal insulation of machines, protection against cold or flexible connections. We also do in much more. See more on this page.

We always work on the basis of the customer's projects or installation, we advise on choosing the optimal solution, based on more than 60 years of experience from many industries.

We have a standard range of equipment that can be delivered from day to day. However, should the situation prove that you need a specially adjusted products, then we can handle this with very fast response and delivery.

Our three main areas

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Flexible connections

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Tailor-made solutions

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Robot cover and machine protection


At D-S Safety Equipment, we recognize the problems and shortcomings in the workplace, where we meet these with our own tailor-made solutions.

We make a virtue out of solving problems through our own Danish production, where we can quickly create solutions for your needs.

With our own seamstress and many years of experience, we can adapt products to your situation.

We develop products and solutions in collaboration with customers, dealers and professional workers across multiple markets to create the right solutions for you.

Our solutions are many, ranging from flexible connections and aluminum suitable for covering machines and vehicles against both cold, heat and radiation.

Machine protection

Do you work with machines with a risk of high heat, for example. Factory work with hot materials, it is important to use the right machine protection and cover to protect expensive invested production machines.

But we know from experience that it is rarely the case that all machines have the same dimensions and measures. Here, therefore, we offer custom-made solutions adapted to each machine.

At D-S Safety Equipment, we can protect your machines, robots and technical devices with the best fire-retardant and flame-resistant material, namely our own innovative and unique VARMEX®, which we can manufacture to fit what you want.

Against radiant heat, we also produce aluminum suits and aluminum coated VARMEX® roofing and cladding parts that reflect and protect against radiant heat.

Unlike all other fire-retardant materials, our VARMEX® is not surface-treated, ie. without coating.

This is a great advantage as it reduces the need for maintenance and allows cleaning of the material, unlike most of the other materials.

Although the VARMEX® material is mainly used for covering and cladding, the potential is enormous, due to the material's unique properties.

The Aluminum-coated material is both water-repellent and impermeable, but also heat-resistant and flame-retardant. Therefore, the possibilities are endless.

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Workshop welding and car cover

Welding workers are the group in the automotive industry that has the largest number of injuries.

As a workshop welder, you are exposed to danger from embers, sparks, molten metal, welding arc and electrical discharges.

It can also mean huge costs if the right coverage is not used for protection against sparks from welding or grinding sparks.

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Welded curtains

For shielding and protection of eyes, people and machines.

Welding curtains are already being used with great success in the machinery industry, in shipyards and many technical schools and AMU centers.

Own production At D-S Safety Equipment

A soft but very strong quality that hangs perfectly. Welding curtains are available in the colors: green and yellow, as well as opaque and transparent.

We also supply welding curtains, noise barriers and fire-retardant curtains that are robust to sparks. Finally, we provide totally clear barriers that protect against drafts and dust between tools.

Welding curtains are stocked and available in many standard sizes, but we also make many welded curtains to measure. They can be equipped with buttons or velcro for coupling - 2 extremely strong and durable solutions. We stock!


Flexible connections

Our experience - your guarantee

With our more than 70 years of experience in the production of flexible compounds for all industries such as the hard industry, the food industry and the chemical industry and production, we specialize in meeting the many special situations that arise. We manufacture in many materials.

All our flexible connections (also called fabric expansion joints or flex connections) are adapted to the customer and adapted to the individual customer's needs.

Tissue compensators are designed to absorb the axial, lateral and angular movement. They usually consist of 1-8 layers of materials. (The number of layers and the material are determined by the temperature and the medium).

We focus on the environment as well as health restrictions when choosing our materials.

The joints are delivered in shape and structure according to task so that they adapt to the overall construction of the duct system technically and economically sound way.

What is a flex connection?

Flex connections are often used when 2 devices - often movable - are to be connected.

Flexible connections are used to compensate for minor distortions, assumptions and size differences. Exemplary attached to the channels by tightening sewn-stainless clamps.

Or in other words: For interconnecting production.

We produce both round, square, skewed and conical flex connections. The round models are attached with a clamp that passes through a channel at the top and bottom. The other models are typically supplied with a flanged edge, which is secured with a frame or strips.

We can offer flexible connections in the following materials:

  • PVC

  • Aluminum-plated (for high operating temperatures> 70 degrees)

  • Nylon Filament (catches very fine dust)

  • Cotton

  • PA1500 (full weave)

We deliver to:

  • Air and flue gas

  • Moist flue gas

Send your hand sketch or drawing and request material so we can send you a quote.

For inquiries, please state:

  • Media

  • Work and max. Temperature

  • Movements - axial, lateral and angular rotation

  • Mounting flange, clamp or other


Flex solutions

Problems that we also excel at solving are flexible solutions, such as fabric expansion joints, ventilation systems and pipes.

Many ventilation systems are built with suction or air distribution hoses that have to pass many complex and difficult roads around corners, walls and roofing. In addition, flex solutions are made for collection pipes that are otherwise impossible to assemble.

We produce flexible hoses to measure the environment in the workplace.

Industrial hoses made from both insulating, reflective and heat-resistant materials such as aluminum and the metal that is galvanized or stainless steel.

Heat insulating pipe solutions in VARMEX® for exhaust

Insulating pipe solution / sock in VARMEX for exhausts and machines, as well as short-term hot air at high temperatures. Exhaust pipes.



In our many years of servicing laboratories and clean rooms, we have at times met customers with specific requests for unique solutions for their laboratory equipment. Including seals for eyepieces / microscopes sitting in glove boxes.

As seen on the right, it is a fine sterile textile which is mounted to the glove box and the microscope.

The image to the right is just one example from Plan-Labs inc.


For the same glove boxes / dry box, we also develop and tailor entrance holes with comfortable rest pillows for the arms, which are thereby spared sharp and unpleasant edges.


Robot and machine protection

Reliable quality solutions and fast delivery

Contact us today and have your cover made that fits your robot or machine. We adjust and adapt to your situation and your need to protect machines and robots.


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