The Anchor Point is the last part of a fall protection system and often the weakest link, if selected wrong. Therefore always search proper guidance from a competent person before you select the anchor point.


We offer a comprehensive range of type approved anchor systems and horizontal fixtures. Contact D-S Safety (tel. +45 55 44 66 44) in order to select the correct anchor system.

    1" (25MM) Removable concrete anchor

    No. 23-C-RAF100N

    239.46 EUR/Pc.

    19 mm aftageligt betonanker

    No. 23-CL-RAF075N

    149.76 EUR/Pc.

    250 kg Hoist

    No. 23-C-PPEW

    1,297.79 EUR/Pc.

    Ankerstrop wire, 1 meter

    No. 23-C-ASTW

    37.57 EUR/Pc.

    Brackets for tripod TR2 to Xcalibre blocks

    No. 23-C-FABXRT

    222.17 EUR/Pc.

    Bracket Tripod

    No. 23-C-TWB

    204.49 EUR/Pc.

    Carrying Bag for tripod TR2

    No. 23-C-TR2-BAG

    182.52 EUR/Pc.

    Check Anker

    No. 23-C-AS


    Container Top Lock Anchor GM120

    No. 23-C-AWTL-ANCHOR

    314.60 EUR/Pc.

    ecoAnchor - Vandanker

    No. 23-C-ECOANCHOR

    2,574.00 EUR/Pc.

    Foldable portal system

    No. 23-C-PPE-PG


    Forbindelsesstrop, lukket, 1 meter omkreds

    No. 23-C-ASTR1

    12.87 EUR/Pc.

    Forbindelsesstrop, lukket, 2 meter omkreds

    No. 23-C-ASTR2

    14.17 EUR/Pc.

    Forbindelsesstrop, poly gjord, 1 meter

    No. 23-C-AST1

    14.17 EUR/Pc.

    Forbindelsesstrop, poly gjord, 2 meter

    No. 23-C-AST2

    18.07 EUR/Pc.

    Hardware to 250 kg Hoist

    No. 23-C-PPETR2-030

    119.60 EUR/Pc.

    I-iron's adjustable anchor

    No. 23-C-BWA012N

    305.37 EUR/Pc.