Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall Arrest Blocks

The series of Xcalibre fall blocks represents cutting edge technology at its very best. The number is growing and now includes models from palm sized 2m blocks up to the big 40m blocks. Each unit is developed based on patented technology and unique features that really raises and sets new standards in the market.

ATOM-X blocks is the world's smallest and lightest fall block in its class. The blocks are designed to replace a drop line.

Look for these features on the products:


    Drop block ATOM Xtreme TB, 2 m of strap steel snap hook


    233.87 EUR/Pc.

    Drop block Fab10, 10 m galvanized wire

    No. 23-C-FAB10

    765.70 EUR/Pc.

    Drop block FAB12W, 12 m strap

    No. 23-C-FAB12W

    770.77 EUR/Pc.

    Drop block FAB3W Xcalibre, 4 m strap

    No. 23-C-FAB3W-4M

    201.37 EUR/Pc.

    Drop block FAB7, 7 m galvanized wire

    No. 23-C-FAB7

    739.70 EUR/Pc.

    Drop block FAB7W, 7 m strap

    No. 23-C-FAB7W

    739.70 EUR/Pc.

    Drop block FABX1 Xcalibre, 12 m polyester tape

    No. 23-C-FABX212W

    752.57 EUR/Pc.

    Drop block FABX1 Xcalibre, Dyneema rope 18 m

    No. 23-C-FABX218F

    908.57 EUR/Pc.

    Faldblok ATOM-X, 2 m gjord, galv karabin

    No. 23-C-ATOM-X

    168.87 EUR/Pc.

    Faldblok ATOM-X, 2 m gjord, maxikarabinhage

    No. 23-C-ATOM-X-S

    194.87 EUR/Pc.

    Faldblok ATOM-XTREME, 2 m gjord, maxi karabinhage

    No. 23-C-ATOM-X-102

    201.37 EUR/Pc.

    Faldblok ATOM-Xtreme, 2 m gjord, snap hook

    No. 23-C-ATOM-XT

    194.87 EUR/Pc.

    Faldblok FAB3W Xcalibre, 3 m gjord

    No. 23-C-FAB3W

    194.87 EUR/Pc.

    Faldblok FAB5C, 5 m galv wire

    No. 23-C-FAB5C

    479.57 EUR/Pc.