Rope and Rope grabs

Rope and Rope grabs

For fall protection in the case of vertical and inclined tasks, automatically rope slide lock is an advantage. Also ideal for ladder climbing or working on sloping roofs. Can also be used as a backup system to a main fixing or lifeline.


Here you will find the slide lock and rope (kernmantel rope)

    9 mm kernmantelreb, 30 meter

    No. 23-C-PPER102-30M

    173.94 EUR

    9 mm rope kernmantel

    No. 23-C-PPER102

    3.90 EUR

    ARG Automatisk glidelås til 11 mm reb

    No. 23-C-ARG-RP209A

    120.77 EUR

    Kernmantel rope 9 mm, 10 m

    No. 23-C-PPER102-10M

    100.10 EUR

    Kernmantel rope 9 mm, 15 m

    No. 23-C-PPER102-15M

    122.72 EUR

    Kernmantel rope 9 mm, 20 m

    No. 23-C-PPER102-20M

    142.35 EUR

    Pull Handle with ascender, left

    No. 23-C-PPEWR35L

    110.89 EUR

    Pull Handle with ascender, right

    No. 23-C-PPEWR35R

    110.89 EUR

    Stop Go manual sliding lock for ropes

    No. 23-C-PED-6

    120.38 EUR

    11 mm nylon kernmantelreb, 10 meter

    No. 23-C-PPER-10MKIT

    77.48 EUR

    11 mm nylon kernmantelreb, 10 meter

    No. 23-C-PPER-10MKIT

    90.87 EUR

    11 mm nylon units Kernmantel, 20 meters

    No. 23-C-PPER-20MKIT

    123.37 EUR

    11 mm nylon kernmantel rope, 25 meters

    No. 23-C-PPER25MKIT

    142.87 EUR

    11 mm nylon kernmantelreb, 4 meter

    No. 23-C-PPER-4MKIT

    66.04 EUR

    11 mm nylon kernmantelreb, 5 meter

    No. 23-C-PPER-5MKIT

    79.17 EUR

    11 mm Static rope

    No. 23-C-PPER108

    3.51 EUR