Descent and Rescue

Descent and Rescue

When you need to quickly get up or down you will often find the most optimum solution among the rope-based systems. These can be manual and developed for one user or for multiple users.


Raising and lowering of yourself or another, let's say over a distance of 20 metres, can be time consuming and exhausting. The actual rate may be a crucial factor if you get into difficulties, so it is essential to choose a solution where this can be raised / lowered quickly.


Tall buildings, cranes etc. requires emergency evacuation systems, which often have to be able to function for multiple users. Often, little or no training are given which is why your choice should be simple and automatic.

    Foldable portal system

    No. 23-C-PPE-PG

    4,576.00 EUR

    FP4 / 5100DD Evacuation Equipment

    No. 23-N-842600DD

    1,792.05 EUR

    FP4 / 5100W Evacuation Equipment

    No. 23-N-842600W

    1,269.06 EUR


    No. 23-C-KIT 825 GOTCHA KIT

    PED3 descent / rescue

    No. 23-C-PED-3

    934.57 EUR

    Porta-Base WLL 500 kg 90 degrees 2 legs

    No. 23-C-PBS090-0500

    1,820.00 EUR

    Porta Davit WLL 500 kg Rad 1000 winch ready

    No. 23-C-PDWSF0500-1000

    1,820.00 EUR

    Pull Handle with ascender, left

    No. 23-C-PPEWR35L

    110.89 EUR

    Pull Handle with ascender, right

    No. 23-C-PPEWR35R

    110.89 EUR

    TR3 Trefod i aluminium

    No. 23-C-TR3

    1,683.37 EUR

    Working / evacuation equipment, 20 m

    No. 23-C-PED-5-20

    1,597.57 EUR

    Working / evacuation equipment 30 m

    No. 23-C-PED-5-30

    1,761.37 EUR

    Taske til trefod TR3

    No. 23-C-TR3BAG

    64.22 EUR