Kits and Accessories for fall protection

Kits and Accessories for fall protection

Below you will find our wide range of accessories, spare parts and kits for fall protection.

Wide range of hooks and carabiners, storage bags, Fall Protection Kits, Parts and Accessories.

    ATOM X DUO kit assembly piece

    No. 23-C-ATOM-DB

    45.37 EUR/Pc.


    No. 23-N-639485

    16.77 EUR/Pc.

    bag large

    No. 23-N-639487

    15.34 EUR/Pc.

    bag medium

    No. 23-N-T6362

    14.04 EUR/Pc.

    Bosun chair / boatswain's chair

    No. 23-C-BC

    337.87 EUR/Pc.

    Bosun chair / boatswain's chair, heavy duty

    No. 23-C-BCGRP

    510.77 EUR/Pc.

    Brackets for tripod TR2 to Xcalibre blocks

    No. 23-C-FABXRT

    222.17 EUR/Pc.

    Bracket Tripod

    No. 23-C-TWB

    204.49 EUR/Pc.

    Carrying Bag for tripod TR2

    No. 23-C-TR2-BAG

    182.52 EUR/Pc.

    Cover for protection of RFA

    No. 23-C-FAB3W-O

    12.87 EUR/Pc.

    Faldsikringssæt Lift basis 2

    No. 23-C-S-LIFT2

    130.78 EUR/Pc.

    Faldsikringssæt Stillads Komfort

    No. 23-C-SK-STILLADS

    318.37 EUR/Pc.

    Fall Protection Kits Allround Base

    No. 23-C-SB-ALLROUND

    327.08 EUR/Pc.

    Fall Protection Kits Allround comfort

    No. 23-C-SK-ALLROUND

    398.97 EUR/Pc.

    Fall Protection Kits Construction

    No. 23-C-S-BYGGERI

    778.44 EUR/Pc.

    Fall Protection Kits fixed ladder base

    No. 23-C-SB-STIGE

    195.26 EUR/Pc.