Skyrail horizontal rail system

SKYRAIL is a horizontal fall protection system that allows people to work at great heights. The system can, for example, be used on flat roofs, stadium roofs, loading systems, wind turbines or cranes. Attached to floors, walls or ceilings, maintenance work and other activities can be performed safely with the SKYRAIL system.

Users can easily connect to the SKYRAIL RUN using their personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) and move freely along the rail without stopping.

The system's high quality and architectural appearance, meet all your design requirements. SKYRAIL can be customized in all colors for the opportunity to blend into the building.

SKYRAIL is certified in accordance with DIN EN 795 / D: 2012 and CEN / TS 16415 and is approved for safe use by up to three people.

The system is made of extremely robust, seawater-proof aluminum alloy and is suitable for protection against falls and as a restraint system.

It is designed so that it deforms in the event of a fall, thereby dampening the impact.

Accessories, such as curved sections, are precisely fitted to the system.

Its high adaptability makes SKYRAIL ideal for guaranteeing the highest level of safety, even for work on complex structures.

The system is designed and tested for use with the SKYRAIL RUN runner. This runner is certified according to EN 795 / D: 2012 and is mounted on ball bearings so that it is exposed to minimal wear and can be attached or removed from any point in the system.


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