First-aid kits

First-aid kits

Dressing boxes for any purpose. Possibility of replenishment of their first aid kit.

    Aid kit, kit 20 persons

    No. 31-DS-203-F

    48.88 EUR

    First aid for sports

    No. 31-DS-158

    49.79 EUR

    Refill til forbindskasse 31-DS-209

    No. 31-DS-200

    26.26 EUR

    Refill til forbindskasse 31-DS-203-F

    No. 31-DS-203-FR

    36.92 EUR

    Dispenser for patch roll, 80 mm

    No. 31-5800

    51.61 EUR

    Burn dressing, 40 cm × 60

    No. 31-DS-402

    38.22 EUR