Lights and batteries

Lights and batteries

At DS Safety, we have a large selection of quality lighting for both everyday use and tough industry. We have among others: flashlights, LED flashlights, head lamps, tactical lights, ATEX lamps EX lamps, work lights, helmet lamps and torches.

So whether you need lighting for private or professional use, we have something for you. Do you have questions about our products, or you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us on tel: +45 55 44 66 44 or E-mail:

    LED Headlight

    No. 19-P-PA50

    12.74 EUR/Pc.

    Batteri Lithium 3V Type CR2032

    No. 35-H-422000

    8.06 EUR/Bag 2 pcs

    2220 VBIII ZONE 1 LED lamp

    No. 18-S-2220Z1

    44.59 EUR/Pc.

    2250 VERSA Brite ™, Zone 2 lamp

    No. 18-S-2250

    40.30 EUR/Pc.

    2610 Heads-LITE ™ ZONE 0 LED Headlight

    No. 18-S-2610

    44.20 EUR/Pc.

    Versabrite VB3 2220 LED, Clip-On lygte

    No. 18-S-2220CYW

    32.50 EUR25.87 EUR/Pc.

    Heads-Lite headlamp, Zone 0

    No. 18-S-2690

    51.74 EUR/Pc.

    2620 Heads-LITE ™ headlamp, ZONE 2

    No. 18-S-2620

    49.40 EUR/Pc.

    2710 LED HEAD LIGHT headlight

    No. 18-S-2710

    65.00 EUR/Pc.

    LED headlamp, Zone 0

    No. 18-S-2745

    42.38 EUR/Pc.

    LED headlamp, Zone 0

    No. 18-S-2755

    52.26 EUR/Pc.

    PELILITE ™ 1800 Laser light spot

    No. 18-S-1800

    46.80 EUR/Pc.

    1910 LED Flashlight PELI PROGear

    No. 18-S-1910

    33.80 EUR/Pc.

    1920 LED Flashlight PELI PROGear

    No. 18-S-1920

    40.30 EUR/Pc.

    1930 L1 LED Flashlight

    No. 18-S-1930

    24.70 EUR/Pc.

    1930 L1 ZONE 0 LED lamp

    No. 18-S-1930Z0

    42.90 EUR/Pc.