Light bulbs and batteries

Light bulbs and batteries

    Batteri Lithium 3V Type CR2032

    No. 35-H-422000

    8.06 EUR / Bag 2 pcs

    Xenon bulb for lamps MityLite 1900

    No. 18-S-1904

    8.19 EUR / Pc.

    Battery Panasonic LR3A type AAA

    No. 18-S-LR3A

    2.86 EUR / Pack 4 pcs

    Battery Panasonic LR6A, type AA

    No. 18-S-LR6A

    1.43 EUR / Pack 2 pcs

    Battery Panasonic LR14A type C

    No. 18-S-LR14A

    4.16 EUR / Pack 4 pcs

    12V power supply for RALS work light

    No. 18-S-8050-300-12

    30.94 EUR / Pc.