Portable Gasdetectors

Portable Gasdetectors

Our mobile single gas detectors is designed to detect low levels of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide and sulfur dioxide. It has a low weight, compact design which makes it very mobile.

    Laser mini long range Methane gas detector

    No. 18-C-LMm

    13,202.93 EUR/Pc.

    Gas-Pro mobile multi-gas detector

    No. 18-C-GASPRO5

    1,545.57 EUR/Pc.

    Gas-Pro mobil multi gasdetektor 4 gas

    No. 18-C-GASPRO

    916.50 EUR/Pc.

    Detective + gasdetector

    No. 18-C-Detective+

    4,019.86 EUR/Pc.

    Tank-Pro Portable Multigas Detector

    No. 18-C-Tank-Pro

    817.57 EUR/Pc.

    Gasman gasdetektor

    No. 18-C-GASMAN

    372.71 EUR/Pc.

    Detective Wireless gasdetector

    No. 18-C-Detective-wireless

    4,019.86 EUR/Pc.

    Gas-Pro PID gas detector

    No. 18-C-GASPRO-PID

    2,350.66 EUR/Pc.

    In-Test & I Test Manager for gasdetectors


    1,800.76 EUR/Pc.