Bump Test Kits

    Bump Testing Compliance

    With regulations driving tighter calibration routines and the requirement for daily bump testing,

    there is a real need for test gas. Gas detectors play a key part for people and plant safety so equipment cannot afford to be out of service.

    At Crowcon, we understand our customer’s requirements. We now offer a full range of bump and calibration gas, with a range of accessories for all your portable and fixed gas detector testing and calibration needs.

    We have gas distribution centres in the UK, mainland Europe, Singapore, UAE and North & South America, so it has never been easier to buy the gas you require, ensuring your fleet of fixed and portable devices are compliant.

    Compliant Certificate of conformity All cylinders come with Certificates of Analysis showing actual gas values, and ensuring full traceability.

    Reliability Long shelf life for reactive gases More bump and calibrations from the cylinder before it expires,

    therefore cost effective and reduces waste

    Wide range of calibration gas The convenience of having the gas you need to calibrate or

    bump test your fleet (see back page for list)

    Supply of gas when you need it With distribution centres across Europe, Crowcon offer a flexible service that allows us to get the gas required to you in the shortest time possible

    User friendly Fast shipment times You have the right gas when you need it, no down-time

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