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Laser Methane Mini (LMm) is a compact handheld gas detector that can detect methane gas from a safe distance. Using laser technology, methane leakage can be quickly confirmed by pointing the laser beam at the suspected leak or along the examination line. This revolutionary technology eliminates the need to access high places, under floors or other difficult areas to access. The Laser Methane gas detector is also ideal for measuring large open spaces, e.g. landfills or along pipelines. The Laser Methane Mini is now also available with a green laser control light that is more visible, especially under bright sunlight. The Laser Methane Mini-Green (LMm-G) combines the benefits of LMm with additional data storage features and comes with Bluetooth capability that can be connected to an Android device (through the Gasviewer app) for a range of data storage features. Important data such as location, gas level and time can also be stored and logged as well as sent to a central point. LMm and LMm-G are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance.


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