Disposable PPE Products (Disposables)

Disposable PPE Products (Disposables)

Disposable products (Disposables) can be used as an alternative to conventional products. At DS Safety A / S we offer a wide range of disposable products including: shoecovers, hairnets, visit gowns, disposable suits, disposable gloves and disposable earplugs.

We have disposable products for hygienic applications and industries. As well as hairnets, Mop Cap and breathable visit coat for food production.

We also offer disposable products and hygiene products for clinics and salon use.

    =EAR dispenser til væg montering

    No. 35-MD-01-002

    20.54 EUR

    Mouth Tie with elastic, blue

    No. 33-N-204

    6.24 EUR

    Mouth to mouth mask

    No. 31-DS-852

    11.70 EUR

    Loose earplugs D S-Flex, 3 pairs

    No. 32-A-2425

    7.93 EUR