Disposable Earplugs

Disposable Earplugs

Disposable Earplugs dispenser is an easy and hygienic way of ensuring workers against hearing damage. The dispenser can be placed on a wall or workbench, twisting a handle triggers an earplug. Dispensers are usually transparent so that repeat orders can be made in good time.

    Loose earplugs D S-Flex, 3 pairs

    No. 32-A-2425

    7.93 EUR

    Quiet flergangsøreprop with string

    No. 36-H-3301172

    95.55 EUR

    MaxLite disposable earplugs

    No. 36-H-3301120

    43.03 EUR

    Max, red disposable earplugs

    No. 36-H-3301161

    44.33 EUR

    MultiMax, two-tone disposable earplugs

    No. 36-H-3301109

    50.18 EUR

    D-S MASTER earplug

    No. 32-A-2753

    35.36 EUR

    LaserLite Disposable

    No. 36-H-3301105

    40.17 EUR

    Earsoft Neons disposable earplugs

    No. 35-P-ES-01-001

    42.12 EUR

    E-A-R Soft Neons disposable earplugs

    No. 35-P-ES-01-001SP

    2.86 EUR

    Earbuds, earplugs with music access

    No. 35-P-HTB026

    63.05 EUR