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Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves are suitable for many different workplaces, sports and activities, but especially for cycling in leisure time. It is also precisely within the cycling world that gloves without fingers have their roots. The advantage of fingerless gloves is that you can get a good grip on the workpiece, the handlebars or even the walking sticks. The gloves are also suitable for slightly milder weather types without frost, as the fingers are not covered, while you in turn have an easy time operating things, as opposed to a pair of gloves with fingers, which limit the movement of the fingers. The fingerless glove models also allow you to operate a smartphone, GPS or similar, which is convenient when traveling. Then you do not have to bother with having to put the gloves on and off. Fingerless gloves are available in different types of materials, whether it is the close-fitting and flexible models or the warmer models in cotton.

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Fingerless breathable night glove in 70% pure unbleached cotton, 30% polyester This inner glove is in onesize 13-1512


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PPE glove holder tool strap


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2.55 EUR 2.55 EUR 2.5500000000000003 EUR

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Anti-vibration glove in genuine leather with Viscothane-Gel insert, 31-EP-422 REMAIN SALE AS LONG AS STOCK LASTS


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ProFlex 901 fingerløse Læder Impact Handsker


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30.69 EUR 30.69 EUR 30.69 EUR

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ProFlex 901 fingerløse Læder Impact Handsker (kopi)


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ProFlex 9002 ISO-certificerede antivibrationshandsker (kopi)


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Fingerløs anti vibrationshandske Delta Plus 50MAC


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