Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves

Wide range of cut-proof gloves (also called cut-resistant gloves). We have the gloves to protect your hands from cuts and cutting injuries. Cutting Ensure gloves for working with glass, metal mm.

Several of the gloves are processed and manufactured respectively in Dyneema® fiber and Kevlar®

Our cut resistant gloves are available in small and large sizes.

    Skærefast handske, level 5, WG-777CF

    No. 13-WG-777CF

    8.84 EUR/Pair

    Skærefast handske, level 3, WG-777C

    No. 13-WG-777C

    6.24 EUR/Pair

    Cut resistant winter glove level 5

    No. 13-6720W

    9.88 EUR/Pair