Assembly / Fitting Gloves Synthetic

Assembly / Fitting Gloves Synthetic

"Good fitting gloves are an essential part of good workmanship."

Here you can find a great selection of good and cheap assembly gloves of plastic. A tight-fitting glove that is cheap to run. They ensure a good grip, with great sensitivity.

Mounting gloves are available in various shapes and colors. Use the filter below. They are also available with dots that ensures an even better grip or available for touch screens such as smartphones and tablets. We have the great variety in both large and small sizes.

    Skærefast handske, level 5, WG-777CF

    No. 13-WG-777CF

    8.84 EUR/Pair

    Skærefast handske, level 3, WG-777C

    No. 13-WG-777C

    6.24 EUR/Pair