Hats, caps and hairnets

    Hætte i VARMEX Therm

    No. 16VB646-870

    40.56 EUR / Pc.

    Hood in VARMEX Therm with small lookout

    No. 16VB646-900

    42.64 EUR / Pc.

    Helmet covers in VARMEX Therm

    No. 16VB646-930

    26.52 EUR / Pc.

    Helmet covers in VARMEX Therm, long model

    No. 16VB646-935

    41.86 EUR / Pc.

    Standard hætte i VARMEX Therm

    No. 16VB646-840

    32.24 EUR / Pc.

    Hjelmhue i VARMEX Therm

    No. 16VB646-925

    20.54 EUR / Pc.

    Hair net with built-in mouthtie in polypropylene

    No. 33-AM-04035W

    23.14 EUR / Bag 100 pcs

    Yellow Hi Viz Bump Cap

    No. 32-PF-906041

    21.19 EUR / Pc.

    Cap with reflective yellow fluorescent

    No. 19-190

    11.31 EUR / Pc.

    Loose cap against radiant heat in VARMEX Alu

    No. 16V15-2819

    133.64 EUR / Pc.

    Cap with reflective, Orange fluorescent

    No. 19-180

    11.31 EUR / Pc.

    Welding cap for welding helmet

    No. 16V54-590

    60.84 EUR / Pc.

    Helmet covers in VARMEX 2000

    No. 16V54-450

    67.86 EUR / Pc.