Helmet Hats

Helmet Hats

Large selection of helmet hats for cold working environment. All materials produced in dedicated for this purpose with a high degree of insulation. Mage Straight and comfortable.

    Hætte i VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-870

    40.56 EUR

    Helmet covers in VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-930

    26.52 EUR

    Standard hætte i VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-840

    32.24 EUR

    Hjelmhue i VARMEX® Therm

    No. 16VB646-925

    20.54 EUR

    Hætte i VARMEX® Jersey, Standard

    No. 16V180-840

    24.70 EUR

    Protective cap for helmet

    No. 16V54-397

    42.38 EUR

    VARMEX Fleece hue

    No. 16V382-905

    18.72 EUR