Helmet Visors and goggles

Helmet Visors and goggles

We offer a great range of face shields, visors for helmets and multi-systems for various purposes.

Multi-system offers a user-friendly, comfortable and flexible solution that requires protection to the face and hearing.

Our range includes a full range of Mesh visors or clear face shields for use with safety helmets.

    KASK visir V2 klar, lille model

    No. 18-M-WVI00003.015

    58.37 EUR

    KASK visir V2 klar, lille model

    No. 18-M-WVI00002.015

    36.27 EUR

    Indvendig stål visir til bøjle

    No. 18BFKBB071

    25.09 EUR

    Sanding Screen helmet incl. extra visor

    No. 32-A-3500

    26.91 EUR25.74 EUR

    Varmefast trådvisir med vinduesåbning og velcro

    No. 18U-BFKHI008-VELCRO

    51.74 EUR

    Varmefast visir med guldbelægning

    No. 18U-GFKV1001-1

    95.94 EUR

    Varmefast trådvisir med vinduesåbning

    No. 18U-BFKHI008

    51.74 EUR

    3M V5 visor system visor keeps

    No. 35-P-V5

    8.45 EUR

    Varmefast guldvisir med velcro

    No. 18U-GFKV1001-1-VELCRO

    101.79 EUR

    Grønt visir med velcro

    No. 18U-GFKV1002-1-VELCRO

    36.14 EUR

    Grønt visir

    No. 18U-GFKV1002-1

    24.96 EUR