Disposable Earplugs for single use

Disposable Earplugs for single use

Disposable Earplugs available as couples packed hygyenic in the bag so that the employee can easily fit them when needed ear protection. These Ear plugs are disposable and comes in various colors and shapes. It is Important that they are comfortable to wear. After use, they are discarded.

    Loose earplugs D S-Flex, 3 pairs

    No. 32-A-2425

    7.93 EUR

    Quiet flergangsøreprop with string

    No. 36-H-3301172

    95.55 EUR

    MaxLite disposable earplugs

    No. 36-H-3301120

    43.03 EUR

    Max, red disposable earplugs

    No. 36-H-3301161

    44.33 EUR

    MultiMax, two-tone disposable earplugs

    No. 36-H-3301109

    50.18 EUR

    D-S MASTER earplug

    No. 32-A-2753

    35.36 EUR

    LaserLite Disposable

    No. 36-H-3301105

    40.17 EUR

    Earsoft Neons disposable earplugs

    No. 35-P-ES-01-001

    42.12 EUR

    E-A-R Soft Neons disposable earplugs

    No. 35-P-ES-01-001SP

    2.86 EUR