Our ear cups are available in various sizes and models. When selecting ear cups, one must be aware that they must be close to your ear or ear canal without giving an uncomfortable pressure, there must be room for the ear inside the cup.

Note: It is important that the hearing protection provides optimum noise reduction. It is therefore a good idea to check that the ear cups fit tightly. It is recommended that you two times a year replace sealing rings (hygiene kits).

    3M Peltor earmuffs with DAB and FM

    No. 35-HRXD7A-01

    180.57 EUR/Pc.

    3M Clean Hygiene tissue for ear cups, box of 100 pairs

    No. 35-P-HY100A-01

    76.96 EUR/Box 100 pairs

    Peltor Hi Viz earpiece

    No. 35-P-H540A461GB

    29.12 EUR/Pc.

    Metal ear cups Arton

    No. 32-A-2131

    23.92 EUR/Pc.

    Ear Muffs Arton Pocket 2000

    No. 32-A-2030

    22.88 EUR/Pc.

    Peltor green earcups, Optime II with headband

    No. 35-P-H520A407

    22.10 EUR/Pc.

    Peltor ear-cup, OPTIME in yellow

    No. 35-P-H510A401

    18.07 EUR/Pc.

    Peltor black earpiece, Peltor optime III

    No. 35-P-H540A411SV

    24.96 EUR/Pair

    3M ™ Peltor ™ X 3 earmuffs

    No. 35-P-X3A

    29.12 EUR/Pc.

    3M ™ Peltor ™ X4 earmuffs

    No. 35-P-X4A

    32.89 EUR/Pc.

    3M ™ Peltor ™ X5 earmuffs

    No. 35-P-X5A

    39.65 EUR/Pc.

    Hygiejnesæt, ørekop OPTIME II

    No. 35-P-HY52

    8.45 EUR/Pc.

    Hygiene kit, Peltor ear-cup OPTIME III

    No. 35-P-HY54

    9.36 EUR/Pc.