Clogs and slippers

Clogs and slippers

    White safety Flex Clogs with Cap

    No. 14-474H

    66.30 EUR / Pair

    D-S Flex Hvid flex træsko med kap

    No. 14-544H

    49.92 EUR / Pair

    White slipper slippers, with ventilation

    No. 14-504-H

    30.29 EUR16.25 EUR / Pair

    D-S Flex sort flex træsko med kap

    No. 14-544S

    49.92 EUR / Pair

    Black slipper with comfeetsål slippers

    No. 14-900S

    48.49 EUR / Pair

    Black Flex Clogs with Cap and comfeetsål

    No. 14-944S

    51.48 EUR / Pair

    Thermoplastic slipper, slippers, white

    No. 14-R-283H

    28.99 EUR / Pair

    Thermoplastic slipper, slippers, red

    No. 14-R-283R

    28.99 EUR / Pair