ESD shoes, boots and sandals

ESD shoes, boots and sandals

Here you will find our complete range of ESD approved footwear approved to EN61340-5. We got Safety shoes in large sizes and safety shoes in small sizes.

ESD = Electro Static Discharge. In modern industrial production sensitive electronic components are getting more common. Theese can easily be damaged or destroyed by static electricity. To avoid this risk use ESD approved footwear. In explosive areas ESD approved footwear is required.


    No. 26-91355

    88.92 EUR

    82364-02M MIAMI

    No. 26-82364

    76.70 EUR

    Ritmo Cuban sikkerhedssko

    No. 26-91328-01L

    90.74 EUR

    Ritmo Cuban sikkerhedssko

    No. 26-81184-03L

    121.94 EUR

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    No. 14-93610

    89.70 EUR38.87 EUR