Safety shoes with anti-puncture sole

Safety shoes with anti-puncture sole

Safety shoes equipped with inlaid anti puncture penetration protection in the soles so that sharp objects like nails can not penetrate into the foot. Midsole is made of either steel or plastic. Safety for trade and industry. Safety shoes in large sizes.


    Black safety boots with Sympatex

    No. 14-93665

    146.64 EUR/Pair

    Ritmo Cuban sikkerhedssko

    No. 26-91373-00L

    108.94 EUR/Pair

    Ritmo Cuban sikkerhedssko

    No. 26-91328-01L

    90.74 EUR/Pair

    Ritmo Cuban sikkerhedssko

    No. 26-81184-03L

    121.94 EUR/Pair

    Black, lined scooter boot without zip S3

    No. 14-96573

    78.00 EUR/Pair

    Sort vikar læderstøvlet S3 Kings 53756

    No. 14-53756

    46.15 EUR/Pair

    safety Macelite

    No. 14-171

    68.77 EUR39.00 EUR/Pair

    Otter antistatisk sikkerhedssko med værnesål

    No. 14-55413

    107.25 EUR45.50 EUR/Pair

    Overshoes, black and non-slip, T-137

    No. 14-T-137

    32.89 EUR/Pair