Shoe Accessories

Shoe Accessories

Here you will find laces in several colors, shoe polish and impregnationspray. Ergonomic insoles with gel and insoles against cold. Large selection of shoe covers in different wear forces.

Does your business have guests? We offer washable overshoes with and without security. In slippery and icy environments we can even offer shoe covers with spikes.

    Indlægssål med svang

    No. 1495

    4.42 EUR/Pair


    No. 14-99921

    5.07 EUR/Pc.

    Shoe polish, black

    No. 14-99924

    3.25 EUR/Pc.

    Shoe polish, colorless

    No. 14-99923

    3.25 EUR/Pc.

    Sorte snørebånd

    No. 14997S

    1.30 EUR/Pair

    Sikkerhedsgalocher black

    No. 14-W-130

    47.58 EUR/Pair

    Brune snørebånd

    No. 14997B

    1.30 EUR/Pair

    Antistatic insole

    No. 14-98900

    5.85 EUR/Pair

    KIMTECH Pure A8 shoe covers in polyethylene, cleanroom

    No. 27-3937

    84.24 EUR/Carton 300 pcs

    Overshoes, black and non-slip, T-137

    No. 14-T-137

    32.89 EUR/Pair