White shoes (food / medical industry)

White shoes (food / medical industry)

Here you will find our complete range of white footwear, including sanitary shoes, slippers, sandals, moccasins, workshoes boots and clogs.

The footwear is available with and without toecap and safety, several models are washable. Suitable for and used in laboratories, health and catering industry. We also have White shoes and sanitary shoes in large sizes.


    Alifax safetyshoe

    No. 14-161

    91.26 EUR39.00 EUR

    Hvid Lorisafe ESD sikkerhedssko, EN 347

    No. 14-60911

    79.30 EUR51.87 EUR

    white safety boot

    No. 14-96752

    51.48 EUR

    White comfeet sandal

    No. 14-912-H

    42.25 EUR13.00 EUR