Respiratory Protection (Respiratory Equipment)

Respiratory Protection (Respiratory Equipment)

Respiratory protection (Respiratory Equipment) is personal protective equipment intended to protect the wearer against inhalation hazards. Inhalation hazards may be contaminants in the air, lack of oxygen (less than 17% oxygen in air), or both simultaneously.

Respiratory protection is found in many different types and divided into

  • Air purifying respiratory protection
  • Supplied air respiratory protection

    Half Mask 7503, large

    No. 35-3M-7503

    32.24 EUR

    3M Adflo upgrade kit

    No. 35-H837637

    297.83 EUR

    Safety mask 3M 8822, type FFP2 NR D

    No. 35-3M-8822

    28.08 EUR

    7502 half-mask, medium

    No. 35-3M-7502

    32.24 EUR