Half Facepiece Respirators

Half Facepiece Respirators

D-S Safety's range of half masks are comfortable and protects against harmful gases, vapors and particles.


The masks provides a secure protection and are easy to use.

    Half Mask 7503, large

    No. 35-3M-7503

    32.24 EUR

    7502 half-mask, medium

    No. 35-3M-7502

    32.24 EUR

    3M 105 cleaning tissue

    No. 35-3M-105

    12.74 EUR

    North half mask

    No. 36-NO-N65770015

    43.29 EUR

    3M reusable half mask in silicone, 7000 series

    No. 35-3M-7002S

    38.09 EUR25.74 EUR

    Half Mask 6100, Small

    No. 35-3M-6100

    18.33 EUR

    Half Mask 6200, Medium

    No. 35-3M-6200

    18.33 EUR