Filters for Powered Air Systems

Filters for Powered Air Systems

Here you will find filters for turbo equipment. Filters for 3M Jupiter, 3M Versaflo, Speedglas Adflo, North Compact Air and North Airbelt.

    P3 filter 1,786,000

    No. 36-S-1786000

    12.48 EUR

    A2 filter A168092

    No. 36-S-1785010

    17.42 EUR

    A2B2E2K2P3 filter, A168104

    No. 36-S-1784000

    30.81 EUR

    A2P3 filter A168099

    No. 36-S-1783010

    22.88 EUR

    B2P3 filter A168100

    No. 36-S-1783030

    32.37 EUR

    Pre-filter Adflo

    No. 35-H-836010

    13.78 EUR

    Pre-filter Airstream

    No. 35-060-22-00P

    14.43 EUR

    Gas filter A1B1E1 for Adflo

    No. 35-H-837242

    67.73 EUR

    Gas filter A2 for Adflo

    No. 35-H-837542

    81.25 EUR

    Combined Filter A2BEK1P3 to 3M Jupiter

    No. 35-453-09-25P2

    76.70 EUR

    Combined Filter ABE1P3 to 3M Jupiter

    No. 35-456-18-25P2

    65.78 EUR

    P3 filter for North Airbelt

    No. 36-NO-A160054

    57.98 EUR

    P3 dust filter to 3M Jupiter

    No. 35-450-00-25P2

    29.51 EUR

    Particle filter P1 for Airstream

    No. 35-060-23-06P

    109.59 EUR

    P2 particulate filter for Airstream

    No. 35-060-23-04P

    179.79 EUR

    Partikelfilter P SL Adflo

    No. 35-H-837012

    69.68 EUR