Headtops Powered Air Systems

Headtops Powered Air Systems

    3M ClearVisor, DIN 5 visor

    No. 35-H-899035

    362.70 EUR / Pc.

    Industrial bump to HT-820

    No. 35-045-00-10P

    330.98 EUR234.00 EUR / Pc.


    No. 35-061-00-82P

    276.38 EUR / Pc.

    A-Junior Combi VL, dust hood with a hard hat

    No. 36-NO-A114300

    250.64 EUR195.00 EUR / Pc.

    Hummingbird Light Duty air cap

    No. 36-NO-A114102

    230.36 EUR156.00 EUR / Pc.

    Welding shield HT-615

    No. 35-049-00-27P

    423.67 EUR338.00 EUR / Pc.

    Welding shield HT-616

    No. 35-049-00-28P

    532.74 EUR364.00 EUR / Pc.