Powered Air Turbo Units

    Scott DuraFlow motorenhed

    No. 35-S2032513

    714.87 EUR / Pc.

    Scott DuraFlow motorenhed

    No. 35-S2031662

    701.87 EUR / Pc.

    Compact Air with air hose for full face mask

    No. 36-A150103-00

    708.11 EUR / Pc.

    Turboenhed startsæt TR-619E, 3M Versaflo

    No. 35-TR619E

    1,251.77 EUR / kit

    3M Versaflo TR-603E-ASB turboenhed

    No. 35-TR603EASB

    496.47 EUR / Pc.

    3M Versaflo Turboenhed TR-602E

    No. 35-TR602E

    598.65 EUR / Pc.

    Speedglas Adflo with heavy duty battery

    No. 35-837731

    838.24 EUR / Pc.

    Speedglas Adflo with standard battery

    No. 35-837730

    765.05 EUR / Pc.

    Airbelt, med luftslange til helmaske

    No. 36-NO-A150051

    565.24 EUR / Pc.