Air Filtration Panels and Parts

Air Filtration Panels and Parts

Filter panels for use with breathing apparatus. Filter panel purifies the air using interchangeable filters. Filter Panels can be either wall mounted or be removable mounted on floor stand

    Aircare filter panel floor stand

    No. 35-ACU-04

    642.59 EUR

    Aircare filter panel, wall mounted

    No. 35-ACU-03

    552.89 EUR

    Filterpanel med2 udtag, stativmonteret

    No. 18D-708331714

    559.65 EUR

    Filterpanel med 2 udtag, vægmonteret

    No. 18D-708331717

    471.77 EUR

    Filterpanel med 4 udtag, stativmonteret

    No. 18D-708331715

    652.47 EUR

    Filterpanel med 4 udtag, vægmontering

    No. 18D-708331719

    577.59 EUR