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Welding Boots brand boots

Footwear specially developed for very hot working environments as well as welders. Some equipped with heat-resistant soles that can withstand up to 300º C. Welding boots in large sizes.

Otter 96573 Black, lined winter classic scooter boot in hub leather without zipper, S3 with steel sole extra width, and insulating sole height 28 cm


Available in 8 variants
In stock
96.99 EUR 96.99 EUR 96.99000000000001 EUR

121.24 EUR 121.24 EUR with taxes

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JACKMAN S3 - behagelig sikkerheds chelsea boot, HRO SRC


Available in 13 variants
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104.37 EUR 104.37 EUR 104.37 EUR

130.46 EUR 130.46 EUR with taxes

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Sixton 80143 Weld S3


Available in 9 variants
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132.67 EUR 132.67 EUR 132.67000000000002 EUR

165.84 EUR 165.84 EUR with taxes

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Asphalt shoe S2 with toe cap, SCHUTZE ASPHALT PROFI 6432 HIGH S2


Available in 9 variants
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238.78 EUR 238.78 EUR 238.78 EUR

298.48 EUR 298.48 EUR with taxes

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Slick asphalt boot with self-cleaning outsole spacial-treated leather that can be cleaned


Available in 5 variants
In stock
33.54 EUR 80.49 EUR 33.54 EUR

100.61 EUR 41.93 EUR with taxes

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Otter 71273 Otter boot for welding S3 HRO with steel outsole, withstands up to 300 c short-lived, upper part strong cowhide


Available in 5 variants
In stock
53.66 EUR 111.07 EUR 53.660000000000004 EUR

138.84 EUR 67.08 EUR with taxes

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X330 S3 sikkerhedssko, heavy duty - CI EDS WR SRC HRO, en sko til alle opgaver


Available in 15 variants
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117.92 EUR 117.92 EUR 117.92 EUR

147.40 EUR 147.40 EUR with taxes

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Fondeur Nitex welding boot nitrile sole from -40 to 300 C heat-treated leather and with reinforced nose REST SALE AS LONG AS STOCK HAS


Available in 2 variants
In stock
33.54 EUR 64.12 EUR 33.54 EUR

80.15 EUR 41.93 EUR with taxes

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