Sterile and Cleanroom protection

Sterile and Cleanroom protection

On this page you will find approved safety equipment for sterile and clean rooms.

In sterile and cleanroom it is often the case that what is being worked on must be protected against the person contaminating the material - this applies especially in clean rooms.

    Cleanroom mat, white, 60 × 115 cm

    No. 35-R4300H-60X115

    622.31 EUR

    Cleanroom mat, blue, 45 × 90 cm

    No. 35-R4300B-45X90

    364.00 EUR

    Cleanroom mat, blue, 45 x 115 cm

    No. 35-R4300B-45X115

    468.52 EUR

    Cleanroom mat, blue, 60 x 115 cm

    No. 35-R4300B-60X115

    622.31 EUR